War Ready (feat. Jeezy)
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    War Ready (feat. Jeezy) Lyrics

    Track #1 on 2014 War Ready (feat. Jeezy) [Single]

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    [Intro]Sentence should now-now be pronounced I'll ask that you stand for sentence, please Mr.*** it is the sentence of the court that your custody be committed to the department of corrections for confinement of the *** state prisons without pass ability and parole for the remainder of your life.You may be seated

    [Rick Ross]War ready
    You got shooters, I've got shooters
    We've got money
    Let's do what them other niggas can't do
    Nigga got a thousand guns, nigga
    If money is power, nigga, then I've got millions of power, nigga
    Fuck with me nigga, huh?

    [Verse 1, Rick Ross]17 I was chargin niggas 17
    Ridin clean, youngest nigga in the Medellín
    Bomber green, in that thang, in the middle lane
    Did some thangs for my niggas which I can't explain
    Versace slippers, 20 chains, bitch I'm Dana Dane
    Put a patch over your eye, fuck with my petty chains
    Fuck what you heard, for that bird I'm a dirty nigga
    Laid to rest by the one you thought was workin with yah
    War ready, the game just wanna take my life
    War ready, pussy boy we all could die tonight
    War ready, fast cash above the law
    War ready, gas mask when them choppers talk

    [Hook, Tracy T]Killas on front line when you're war ready
    Chopper shoot a thousand rounds when you're war ready
    Just another mama crying when you're war ready
    Just another homicide cause we war ready
    Killas on the front line when you're war ready
    Chopper shoot a thousand rounds when you're war ready
    Just another mama crying cause we're war ready
    Just another homicide when you're war ready
    War, war, war

    [Interlude, Young Jeezy]A coward dies a thousand deaths, a real nigga dies but one.21 gun salute out of the top of your drop top coupe.I know a lot of niggas gon hate to see this.Yeah I wish they could see this.I'll never fall for what I stand for.This year Fernando.We could live today, blood, and die tonight, cuz

    [Verse 2, Young Jeezy]Box Chevy hit the block, run the whole 50 shots
    You just poppin til you know you can't pop em no more
    We done came through the block and sold many color drops
    And these mothafuckas think you can't drop em no more
    All right, a nigga put some change on your head
    Damn right, fuck around, clear my safe out
    I got a few digi scales and a couple Denzels
    And you mothafuckin right, this a safe house
    Give me the K and a shovel, I'll bury that nigga
    Be his pallbearer, so I can carry that nigga
    What you gonna hit him with, the Glock or the chop?
    Look I wouldn't give a fuck if they were sharin that nigga
    You mothafuckas out here always talkin
    Bout what another mothafucka said
    Yeah I got that FNH when that mothafucka...hostin
    I ain't out here to mothafuckin play
    Why these fuck niggas always cryin bout somethin'?
    Either you're livin like a ho or you're dyin bout somethin
    Try to let that Rollie breathe but it's hidin in my sleeve
    Like that motherfucker timid or shy about somethin
    Tomorrow ain't promised, nigga roll up that weed
    Gotta stay strapped to live the life I lead
    Start your own alphabet with all them G's
    Open up a hundred doors with all them keys
    Yeah we live for them coupes but we dyin by the gun
    Missed his court date, now my nigga on the run
    Big shit poppin in his pocket like a lighter
    Shit bag leave a grown nigga in a diaper
    Hangin out the Rolls, on your mark, get set
    Let it go, yeah hold that bitch steady
    When...get to wrestlin and them drums get to bussin
    Yeah I hope you pussy niggas war ready

    [Hook][Verse 3, Rick Ross]Follow in my footstep, I was born to die a soldier
    Nigga couldn't walk a mile, found him naked in the..
    Shout out to the Vice Lords, shout out to my Blood nigga
    Shout out to them GD's, where that Crip love, nigga?
    Shout out to them dopeboys, owe it to the plug, nigga
    I could die a thousand times, will never die a fuck nigga
    Shoutout to my city, too, my clip hold a 62
    Ridin down on 63, rest in peace to..
    Heroin and quinine
    Cut that bitch a thousand times
    ...said he need a brick
    I text him back, "Come stand in line"
    You went out of town so I had to wack your bitch
    Never came back, pussy boy, go die a bitch

    [Hook][Outro]War ready
    If you ain't ready to die about it
    Don't even mention it to a nigga like me, baby
    I went from nothing, nigga, to $60 million, nigga
    Walking around in my motherfuckin Belaire Rosé..
    Evander Holyfield's estate, nigga
    $25 million, nigga
    $6 million in marble, $2 million in drapes
    Another 5 in chandeliers
    230 acres, nigga
    That's just one of the many properties, nigga
    War ready
    And I'm down to die bout that
    We gon ride bout that
    So you know we ready to slide bout that
    Cut that check, nigga
    Whatcha money like, huh?
    It's hard to go to war with $70 million, nigga
    Read the obituary, nigga
    Print that motherfucker in..., nigga
    What's a hassa?
    What's a hassa?
    That's you, haha
    I'm not gonna kill you, though, haha
    I'm not gonna kill you, though, haha
    Hey,..., kill these motherfuckers

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