No Sweeter Name (feat. Miah White & Qualesia Bullard)
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    No sweeter name than the name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known.No sweeter name than the name of Jesus.(x4)

    You are the light to my heart and my soul.You are the light to the darkness around me.You are the hope to the hopeless, hoping.You are the only truth and the way.(x2)


    Somebody call the name (Jesus), we call your name (Jesus).We call your name Jesus.(x3)

    Follow your name.Jesus, and release your vow.And every song comes out, every time you breathe


    Jesus, in the middle of my situation, he's Jesus.Every time I need to call his name and he's Jesus

    Somethin about that name.(x10)

    Jesus, Jesus.(x10)

    I love his name, anybody who loves his name.

    Help me say Jesus (x10).

    Lyrics for "No Sweeter Name (feat. Miah White & Qualesia Bullard)" by Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Ministry of Worship were submitted 2 years ago.

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