That Kid
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    That Kid Lyrics

    [Verse 1]Well I bet there's a warm breeze, blowing cross my poppa's farm. I bet there's a cur dog and some kids playing in the yard. And I bet there's an old friend sitting in that front porch swing. And as the wind blows across the evening, she whispers a prayer for me

    [Chorus]Too long since I've been back home. Play another show, write another song, that's all I do these days. Look at me Lord, I can't complain. I said one prayer, you answered everything. Oh, yes you did. But that little boy in bare feet down on Cypress Creek, walking behind Daddy Pete, I miss that kid

    [Verse 2]I bet there's a broken heart driving by your house today. Son you was his best friend, until you took it all away. Since you've been gone, he don't quite know what to do. Cause all his life, thirty some odd years, he never met no one like you

    [Chorus]But that ol boy up on Moss Pond. Used to let me smoke one, Brother John. Lord, I miss that kid.

    [Outro]Now I got a boy that looks just like me, sure wish he was here beside me, cause Lord I miss that kid

    Lyrics for "That Kid" by Frank Foster, submitted 2 years ago by Ambi.

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