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    • New Music: Lil Wayne - Start A Fire (feat. Christina Milian)

      Lil Wayne's newest duet Start A Fire debut'd at the AMA's, though the studio version is undoubtedly better than the initial performance. There is quite an amount of criticism on this song, but to us i...

      2 days ago · Keep Reading
    • New Music: T-Pain - Coming Home

      Started out as a song made for T-Pain's wife while he's out on tour and evolved into a track for those out at war and away from their loved ones. Coming Home is about, well, the title s...

      4 days ago · Keep Reading
    • New Music: Beyonce - 7/11 & Ring Off

      Almost a year since Beyonce shocked fans by surprising them with an unannounced album release. These days, albums are usually heard even before they drop due to leaks that are largely out of the ...

      4 days ago · Keep Reading
    • New Album Lyrics: Olly Murs - Never Been Better

      The recent X Factor alum has released another funky, yet serious album in "Never Been Better". Losing the Factor has not seemed to slow down Olly. Songs such as "Did You Miss Me" remind us of a recent...

      5 days ago · Keep Reading
    • New Album: Shady XV

      Eminem's new compilation "Shady XV" has snuck through the cracks, guess who has the lyrics. We'll give you a hint, he has two thumbs. Well, if you didn't get that, then we'll just say that we have th...

      5 days ago · Keep Reading